About Us
A privately-owned Site Management Organization and stand-alone research site based in Whittier, CA. We have satellite sites across Southern California and in Houston, Texas. 
Here At NHRD, 
Our Goal
Is to provide top-notch service which benefits patients. We achieve this by working collaboratively with our clients in the conduct of their clinical trials. 

We challenge ourselves to meet the highest standards in safety and data integrity.

We are uncompromising in our mission to do our best to deliver quality to all our patients and customers.
Our Research Team

Our study team has the following qualifications:

  • 15+ years clinical research experience

  • Phase 1 to 4 experience

  • Patient Recruitment

  • Local and Central IRB submissions, expedited start-up and closeout

  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

  • Electronic Medial Records (EMR)

Our Investigators

Bakhtiar Bobby Moussazadeh, MD

Cesar Palana, MD

Tarcisio Diaz, MD

Regina Remolacio, FNP

Current Studies
Crohn’s Disease

Diabetic Gastroparesis

Articular Knee Cartilage Defect Lesion